I’m the kind of guy that checks the check, and naturally, I would go through every inch of information that I can before I buy a product – and that’s exactly what I did with TenGenix. TenGenix is the first male enhancement pill I bought, and I was just amazed at how much these pills can do for ya. The other pills are just loaded with sawdust and empty promises, TenGenix was the complete opposite. I took the pills as instructed for two weeks, and I can tell something was changing in me from the first dose. My erections were wildly stiff and rigid, and I can tell that I was gaining size. I got an inch longer after 2 weeks, and that’s really more than I can ask for from a pill that only costs less than a dollar each day.

Mark Ramos

Phoenix, AZ

Let me tell you a little story about TenGenix. My boyfriend was away for a month for work, and naturally, we’d Skype each other every other day or so. You know – hot and heavy phone calls and what goes with it. I thought that it was just the long-distance thing that made him horny, and I liked it. When he came back and had our night together, I was just so shocked at how big his penis got. Back then, I didn’t know if it was just the water in Germany that made him so big, but after a few days, he told me that he took some pills with him and that was TenGenix. He still takes TenGenix every day, and most of the days, I just can’t keep up with him. It’s crazy!

Anne Kaman

Chicago, IL

Thank you for this wonderful pill! TenGenix is amaaaaaazing. For a guy my age (52), I now experience low libido levels, and at times, erectile dysfunction. You know how it is for older guys. Now, my insurance does not cover erectile dysfunction meds, and it’s just horrible for me. While other erectile dysfunction meds got cheaper, those l tried many products – TenGenix was the 4th product I tried, and it was awesome! Sex had never been this amazing – it’s even better than what I had when I was younger! I just bought a bottle, but now I’m buying the whole bunch!

Nick Shannon

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I’ll keep this short and simple – the stuff works. Best I’ve ever had. I don’t usually stay loyal to a male enhancement brand, but I think I’m keeping TenGenix for good. It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it’s the best pill your money can buy today.

Daniel Westman

Long Island, NY

I get some kind of heebie jeebies when I’m excited about having sex, and that usually ends up with me being unable to get it up. I’m in my mid 20s and too young to have ED, so I figured that I should take supplements. I got a bunch of the other pills which just made my mouth dry and make me feel tired – then I came across TenGenix. Long story short, my penis got THICKER. I’m not sure if it got longer, but I’m sure it was waaaaay thicker than it was before. After that, I never had to worry about having sex. Just letting you guys know I’m buying more of this stuff!

Rob Dela Rosa

Berkeley, CA.


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