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Experts say that there’s no drug in existence that is virtually free from side effects – that’s true. Even with the technology that we have today, risk factors magnify the side effects that a pill may have on its user. This is also the reason why some drugs can be bought straight off the counter, and some drugs require a prescription to purchase. The higher the risk for side effects, the tighter the restrictions. As the best male enhancement pill on the market today, there are some reasonable concerns about the safety of TenGenix to its user. After all, majority of the male enhancement pills that appear to be effective are laced with illegal substances. According to the FDA, many male enhancement supplements contain substances that are not clearly outlined in its fact sheet. To increase public awareness about tainted male enhancement supplements, the FDA created a collection of bulletins about male enhancement supplements that were found to have illegal substances. The makers of TenGenix are keen to the concerns of their customers. That’s why TenGenix is 100% natural to reduce the risk of side effects. One major objective of TenGenix is to provide a safe alternative for prescription drugs. By using all-natural ingredients, TenGenix effectively reduces the risk factors associated with treating erectile dysfunction through the use of oral supplements.

TenGenix Side Effects

Since TenGenix is 100% natural, it greatly reduces the risk of developing side effects due to chemical reactions. Since TenGenix does not rely solely on PDE-5 inhibitors to improve the male sexual function, common side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs like flushing, headache, dizziness, and blurred vision are reduced. TenGenix works primarily to improve circulation and increase the volume and pressure of blood that flows to the penis, and it is perfectly reasonable to expect adverse reactions to the product, especially for users who have been diagnosed with cardiovascular problems such as hypertension, angina, and arrhythmia. The maintenance medication for people who have cardiovascular problems tend to affect blood pressure, and using TenGenix with these maintenance drugs may cause certain reactions that could be harmful to your health. We advise everyone who are interested in taking TenGenix but have been diagnosed with cardiovascular problems to seek the advice of their physician before taking TenGenix, or any other supplement or drug. Generally, TenGenix is safe and effective. Older men and young adults could all benefit from the vast benefits of TenGenix. The key to the effectiveness and safety of TenGenix is the ingenious combination of ingredients that improve male sexual health on different objectives to create a holistic approach to improving sexual health.

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect with TenGenix:

1. Accelerated Penile Expansion Technology (APEX)

The APEX technology is the cornerstone in TenGenix’s winning formula. It allows fast-acting ingredients to be absorbed in as quickly as 30 minutes to create the perfect conditions for penis enlargement. The APEX technology is a major step forward in male enhancement, as it puts the product in direct competition with erectile dysfunction drugs, but with a much more refined formula.

2. Permanent penis enlargement

Permanent penis enlargement is possible through consistent use of TenGenix. The formula gradually increases the pressure and volume of blood that flows to the penis to trigger a permanent enlargement effect. In a manner similar to the progressive overload in bodybuilding, a gradual increase in blood pressure and volume triggers the expansion of penile tissue.

3. Improved sexual endurance

TenGenix contains hormone balancers and key calcium blockers which enables the user to gain a much more enhanced sexual stamina. Hormone balancers reduce the refractory period, while calcium inhibitors prevent the penis from getting flaccid midway through sex.

4. Increased penile firmness

TenGenix ingredients cause the smooth muscles that control arterial dilation to relax, allowing an increased volume of blood to flow to the penis, causing a much firmer erection. This also alleviates the primary causes of erectile dysfunction such as stenosis and occlusion.

5. Full orgasm control

TenGenix users gain full control over their orgasms with the help of natural hormone-balancing agents. It works by keeping the libido in check to prevent premature ejaculation, and by preventing the steep reduction in testosterone in the events following an orgasm.

6. Decreased refractory period

Unlike women, men cannot experience multiple orgasms in succession. However, with TenGenix, users can experience the next best thing. By inhibiting the chemicals that control a man’s refractory period, or the period of rest following an orgasm, men can be sexually active in just minutes following an orgasm.

7. Decreased mental and sexual fatigue

Mental and sexual fatigue is the most common cause of loss of intimacy and boredom in a relationship. TenGenix helps by improving libido that keeps men attentive to activities that are sexual in nature to prevent the usual fatigue that occurs in a relationship.

8. Improved response to sexual stimulus

TenGenix includes several types of aphrodisiacs that increase the sensitivity of men towards sexual stimuli. An increase in sensitivity to sexual stimuli helps prevent erectile dysfunction, and it heightens the pleasure that men feel during sexual intercourse.

9. Prolonged erectile function

The emergence of Ca2+ in the blood could inadvertently make your penis soft during sex. TenGenix has ingredients that prevent the penis from going flaccid too soon during sexual intercourse.

10. Increased release of natural pheromones

Pheromones are naturally-occurring chemicals that are essentially a product of evolution. Men and women could be ‘chemically’ attracted to each other with an odorless compound that signals for a genetic match. Pheromones are powered by testosterone, and with TenGenix’s healthy testosterone source, natural production of pheromones are greatly increased.


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