Q: Is TenGenix SAFE?

A: Absolutely. Unlike drugs which could have unpleasant side effects, TenGenix is SAFE when taken by healthy individuals as intended.

Q: How do you take TenGenix?

A: The best way to take TenGenix is by taking 1 dose (two pills) every morning, preferably on an empty stomach. This will speed up and optimize the absorption of nutrients.

Q: Can you take TenGenix with other supplements?

A: Of course! Apart from its intense male enhancement effect, it causes little to no reaction to other parts of the body. You can safely take TenGenix with fat burners, multivitamins, bodybuilding supplements, and more.

What are the SIDE EFFECTS of TenGenix?

A: TenGenix is generally free from side effects, but certain individuals with health problems may need to take caution. Since TenGenix primarily works on the body’s blood circulation, it could interfere with the health regimen of people with cardiovascular problems. Patients who are taking maintenance medication for hypertension could experience an interference with their medicine. TenGenix could cause the blood pressure to lower down to unhealthy levels. We always recommend our customers who have medical conditions to seek the advice of a health professional before taking TenGenix, or any other supplement for that matter.

Q: Can you take TenGenix with VIAGRA, CIALIS, or other similar medicine?

A: You COULD, but it’s unlikely that you would have to take TenGenix with other medicine for erectile dysfunction. TenGenix has ingredients that have PDE-5 inhibitor properties, which are similar to the effects of Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs.

Q: How much bigger can I get with TenGenix?

A: Users can get up to an inch longer in 2 weeks when taking TenGenix. However, the progress of penile enlagement varies largely on the individual. Factors such as health, genetics, and diet could affect how much you gain when taking TenGenix.

Q: For how long should I take TenGenix?

A: The recommended duration for taking TenGenix is 6 months. Majority of TenGenix’s customers have gained size on their penis significantly after religiously taking TenGenix daily for 6 months. TenGenix also offers 6-month plans for customers to save up to $240 on their first purchase of TenGenix. Customers can continue taking TenGenix after 6 months if they wish to, especially if they enjoy the effects of TenGenix on libido and sexual endurance.

Q: Does TenGenix offer a money-back guarantee?

A: Absolutely. We believe that our confidence with TenGenix should be backed up with a guarantee, and that’s why we offer our customers with 30-day money back guarantees to back up our claims. 30 days is long enough for any individual to evaluate if the product is good, and we are confident that our customers will find TenGenix to be a great addition to their lifestyle. However, if our customers feel that TenGenix was not able to meet their expectations, they are free to call our customer care hotline and request for a refund. We assure our customers that refund procedures will be swift and easy.

Q: Where can I buy TenGenix?

A: You can purchase TenGenix directly from our website, www.tengenix.com! Our website features every information you need to make an informed decision. Also, you can save more by purchasing in bulk! Save up to $240 when you purchase a 6-month subscription of TenGenix!.

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